Put Maps in Your Blazor Apps

With GeoBlazor, you have access to the world’s most powerful and versatile web mapping API, the ArcGIS JavaScript API, but without having to write a single line of JavaScript.

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Dozens of Samples

The GeoBlazor samples showcase how easy it is to use the library and add mapping and GIS functionality to your apps. 

Simply copy the code into your app and you’ll have maps in no time. 

Fast Implementation

Getting started with the GeoBlazor API is quick and easy.

Add the GeoBlazor NuGet package to your Visual Studio solution and you have maps in your Blazor apps!

Choose Your License Level

The FREE, open-source option provides the mapping functionality most developers will need plus some of the most common mapping widgets. For additional features, the Pro license offers advanced GIS functionality, analysis, operations, and advanced widgets. 


Basic GIS functionality
FREE Forever
  • API functionality
  • Simple widgets
  • Community Support


Advanced GIS functionality and widgets
Coming Soon Per Developer
  • API functionality
  • Simple and complex widgets
  • Premium Support

Stay in the Know

New features and bug fixes as well as additional samples are added on a regular basis. Be the first to know when a new release is available by subscribing to our notifications. 

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